Formula Student - Roll out

Racing car „Fenja“ starts new season

With seven kilos less weight compared to last year's model, the new racing car of the "StarkStrom e.V." team starts the new Formula Student season. During the last months, this year's crew of the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg designed their racing car even more efficient due to an innovative concept. It allowed the chassis to save that much weight thanks to new technology and the hardening process in sedak's autoclave - a fantastic achievement! sedak as a sponsor is happy to have been able to support the team.

Last Wednesday, the young racing team finally presented the racing car for the current season at the university in Augsburg. As part of the festive roll-out event, the new model is given its name by a representative of the Augsburger Puppenkiste, the famous marionette theater. This time, the fox "Fenja" lent its name to the racing car.

For the first time, the Augsburg crew launches two car models. The team redesigned last year's "Silencio", the originally manned car, and created an autonomous vehicle. Therefore, Augsburg will also take part in the Driverless Competition.

We cross our fingers for the races of 2017 in the Netherlands (17th - 20th July), Austria (31st July - 3rd August), and at the Hockenheimring in Germany (8th - 13th August) and wish the team a well-deserved great ranking!


[Translate to English:] Rennwagen "Fenja" beim feierlichen Roll out am 14.06.2017