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The Big Essentials of Tempering Glass

sedak further expands its innovation leadership: Tempering coated glass up to 16.5m

When tempering glass areas up to 50 square meters, sedak's new tempering furnace comes into play. It processes glass with the maximum dimensions of 3.2m x 16.5m into fully tempered or heat-strengthened glass. With this second furnace, the specialist for oversize glass not only doubles its tempering capacities but also enlarges its entire production to a new maximum length of 16.5m. Thanks to innovative technology and sedak's know-how, the new tempering furnace can toughen coated glass in oversize dimensions which means an enormous time and cost benefit. "Our new furnace allows us to expand the status quo and to realize a leap in technology," says Ulrich Theisen, General Manager and Sales Director of sedak.


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