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Artwork on 51 glass units

Large-size Glass Art with Love of Detail

A complex, ceramic-ink digital print on 51 glass Units transforms the new building of the internationally active learning institution “Cambridge Assessment” into a spectacular landmark. It is based on a question by the artist couple Vong Phaophanit and Claire Oboussier: What is knowledge? sedak (Germany) printed the numerous answers, which the artists received in many languages, on 36 double laminates up to 4 m x 2.45 m and 15 IGUs up to 4.58 m x 1.98 m. The result is a strong statement for the transnational and intercultural character of the nonprofit education institution, and also for sedak’s glass competence. At night, the saffron orange glass units of the 39-meter high tower shine like a lighthouse to the world. The units of indigo and grey shades support the metaphorical level of the connecting link between the two
building complexes.


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