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visually and in tone

sedak presents the largest insulating glass line – visually and in tone


Since 2015, sedak fabricates oversize insulating glass with the world's largest, 145m long insulating glass line. It enables the glass manufacturer to produce double and triple units up to 15m and 7t, fully automated and in a reproducible quality. That corresponds to a loading capacity of up to 450kg per meter. In a short video, the milestone in the insulating glass production can be admired visually and in tone. 

The clip gives an interesting insight into the worldwide unique production of oversize glass units. What used to require several days of manual manufacturing, does now take less than an hour. The entire process is now fully automated, from equipping the insulating glass line all the way through to positioning the spacers accurately to a millimeter to de-stacking the finished glass units. Thus, the panes are available more quickly.

The new technology offers architects and façade constructors new design possibilities.

Image Film in High Resolution
Image Film in Low Resolution

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