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sedak sponsors “Starkstrom” in the fourth season

In this year's racing season sedak sponsors the "Formula Student"-Team of Starkstrom Augsburg e.V. for the 4th time. Last year, the autonomous car "Fenja" took first place in the first autonomous competition in the UK. Now the aim is to continue the success.

Racing car "Fenja" got a new steering, a new camera system for a larger field of view and a new algorithm that allows her to navigate without GPS: The focus of "Zapp"was on more reliable electrics. However, the greatest progress can be seen in the improvement of aerodynamics. Due to a rule change, the manned car got a new monocoque despite reuse. The aim was to make the chassis as light as possible. The process in the autoclave helps to reduce the amount of epoxy resin required to bond the carbon layers to a minimum. Thus the weight of the monocoque could be reduced again by 15% - the chassis weighs only 17.5kg. So sedak could help to reduce the weight by one kilo compared to year before.

Starkstrom is now starting into the next season with two considerably improved racing cars and has set itself the goal of beating the records of recent years. With "Fenja" they want to reach the first place in Czech Republic and be among the top three in Hungary. We keep our fingers crossed!


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