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Tim Cook at sedak

sedak welcomes the head of Apple

Apple CEO Tim Cook visited sedak on Monday, 23 Feb 2015. The last of more than 800 sedak glass panes that were produced for the new Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California, came off the line. The largest of them have measures of 14.3m x 3.2m.

It was Apple's aim to realize Steve Jobs' plan for the new head office Campus 2. "We were looking for somebody, not only in the USA but worldwide, who was able to realize Steve's plan. Here is where we ended up because nobody else can do that so well."

During a guided tour of the production, he was visibly impressed and spoke highly of the sedak employees: "The quality and the size (of the panes) are above all that has ever been accomplished."



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Apple CEO Tim Cook visiting sedak

Apple CEO Tim Cook visiting sedak

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