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sedak presents the largest insulating glass line – visually and in tone

a unique insight into the production of oversize insulating glass

Since 2015, sedak fabricates oversize insulating glass with the world's largest, 145m long insulating glass line. It enabled the glass manufacturer to produce double and triple units up to 15m, fully automated and in a reproducible quality.


Back in the days, oversize insulating glass used to be fabricated manually by qualified personnel which took several days. Today, the product passes the entire manufacturing process in less than an hour: from equipping the insulating glass line all the way through to positioning the spacers accurately to a millimeter to de-stacking the finished glass units. Thus, the panes are available more quickly.


In a five-minute video, we now show the impressive fabrication of oversize insulating glass units. The clip gives an interesting insight into the worldwide unique production of oversize glass units.


To the clip

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