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sedak presents insulating glass line to great number of industry professionals

Glasbau 2016 from 17th – 18th March 2016 in Dresden

The Glasbau 2016 is a two-day conference on, among others, design and construction, glass and facade, energy efficiency and sustainability. Experts from the industry and several universities including the host TU Dresden give an overview about the latest innovations and the state of development.


Being a sponsor and an exhibitor, sedak has the opportunity to show its exceptional capabilities and products to a great number of industry professionals from 17th to 18th March in Dresden.

The company will present especially its new 145m long insulating glass line that produces double and triple glass units in 3.2m x 15m in during a fully automated process. With the new image film, the visitors gain a unique insight into the functioning of the machine.


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[Translate to English:] Auf die Glasbau 2015 kamen zahlreiche Besucher.

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