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sedak certified with the Allgemeine baurechtliche Zulassung for glass units up to 15m

testing residual loadbearing capacity of laminated safety glass out of heat-strengthened glass

Additionally to the approval process, laminated safety glass units with dimensions of 3200mm x 14000mm were tested on the behavior of the residual loadbearing capacity when the glass is breaking. The unit consisted of two 12mm thick heat-strengthened glass panes laminated with the SentryGlas® interlayer.
Laminated safety glass laminated with the SentryGlas® interlayer has already been certified with the existing approval (GlasCobond® - Z-70.3-153 and Z-70.3-175).


The experimental setup:


The laminate was supported and fixed on all 4 sites and then loaded with a weight of 50kg/m².


To simulate the loadbearing capacity in a destroyed status, the upper pane of the laminate was hit centrally. After a while, the bottom pane was also hit in the middle of the long side and with an edge distance of 1m.
The unit was showing its residual load bearing capacity for several hours.



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testing the residual loadbearing capacity

testing the residual loadbearing capacity

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