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rollout of the new racing car UASA1605

Starkstrom Augsburg presents "Silencio"

Last Friday, the Formula Student Electric Racing Team Augsburg presented their new racing car for the current season. The car concept of Starkstrom e.V. convinces with several innovations. For the first time, it has a four-wheel drive. Due to the new engines and the tailor-made transmission its performance could be increased.


During a ceremonial act, a representative of the Augsburger Puppenkiste named the car "Silencio".
The racing car is three kilograms lighter than last year's model. Not least because of the reduced adhesive required for the multilayer chassis that hardened in sedak's autoclave.


The Formula Student Electric Racing Team will take part in two events: Formula Student Germany in Hockenheim and Formula Student Austria in Spielberg.



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