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rollout of formula-student project “Starkstrom”

With racing car “Zapp” into the new season

On 8 June, Formula Student Electric Racing Team of the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg revealed their latest racing car. For the project of “Starkstrom e.V.”, the students developed the seventh car in a row.


The application of innovative technology that is used in professional motorsports allowed the team to reduce the weight again and to increase the dynamics compared to last year’s model. An important role played the weight reduction with the chassis, which was hardened in sedak’s autoclave like in the years before.


According to tradition, a character of the Augsburger Puppenkiste, the famous marionette theater, has lent its name to the car. This year they chose “Zapp”.


Its predecessor „Fenja“ will also be sent to the race this season. Extensive modifications let now the 2017 model drive autonomously, i.e. driverless.


The racing team will compete in the Formula Student races in the Czech Republic, and in the Formula Driverless races in Germany and UK. They are hoping for good positioning.


New racing car with bird "Zapp"

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