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prime example for sedak precision

oversize drill holes extremely close to the edge

Glass roofs with as transparent as possible constructions are ever more demanded in architecture. They offer a good solution to increase the share of natural light inside a room considerably. Filigree and hardly visible fastening with additionally, ever larger glass dimensions challenge structural glazing. sedak develops solutions for such challenges at customers' request.


Out of 11 tons of glass, sedak currently fabricates 60 glass units, partly with extremely big drill holes positioned close the edges. The holes reach a diameter of 15cm. The distance between a drill hole and the glass's edge reach a minimum of 3.2cm.


Since the glass is put under heavy strain during the drilling and grinding process, sedak drills into the 12mm thick glass with absolute precision to avoid glass breakage.


Later on, the glass units are processed into 8-layer and 14-layer laminates. The extra large drill holes are necessary for the metal shoes that are finally mounted to the units.


7cm (left) and 3.2cm (right) between hole and glass edge

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