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Fassade - 10th November 2015, Munich

trends and outlooks for the building envelope

On 10th November, the final event of the DETAIL series "Fassade - Trends und Perspektiven zur Gebäudehülle" will take place in the Vorhoelzer Forum at the Technische Universität München. Per Pedersen (Staab Architekten), Prof. Manfred Hegger (HHS Planer + Architekten AG) and Peter Haimerl, among others, will talk about the latest national and international projects. Interesting keynotes initiate discussions about the possibilities of modern and future façade architecture.


Once again, sedak will take part in the event. In his speech "Perfect Esthetics Fully Automated - Architecture with Oversize Insulating Glass", Ralf Scheurer, Sales Engineer at sedak GmbH & Co. KG, will speak about constructing with oversize formats and the trend towards maximum transparency when designing a glass façade.


Fassade, the series of events by DETAIL, deals with products, materials and technologies as well as rules and policies pushing the development of the building envelope constantly. Aspects like profitability, sustainability and energy efficiency affect the range of what a facade can provide. Where is this development heading? What has to be kept in mind when constructing future facades? And how will design possibilities change due to new methods of production?


"Fassade - Trends und Perspektiven zur Gebäudehülle" looks at the possibillities of contemporary and future facade architecture from different points of view. Additionally it presents current projects of research and development.


Dienstag, 10th November 2015
Vorhoelzer Forum, TU München, Arcisstr. 21, 5. Obergeschoss, 80333 München
2 pm - approx. 7 pm



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sedak insulating glass up to 16m

Fassade - event 10th November 2015, Munich

Fassade - event 10th November 2015, Munich

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