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"Big, Bigger, Huge - sedak" - Looking back at the BAU 2015

International demand for large glass units

Big, Bigger, Huge - sedak"* - with its two large-size exhibits, sedak clearly showed one thing at the BAU: nobody can bigger and heavier. And also regarding quality, sedak caused marveling visitors. The printed glass laminate with the measures of 3.2m x 14m was a popular object to get close to "the glass finishing in its perfection".


This year's BAU was a complete success for sedak. The first day, interested visitors already flocked to the stand. Architects, engineers and façade constructors from 46 countries were seeking for a specialist consultation by sedak employees. Especially in Europe, the US and the Middle East, sedak products have been demanded. First concrete enquiries could already be recorded during the fair.


For more information about the sedak stand, the sensational exhibits and pictures, please go to "press".

Please find here a video of the BAU with a report about sedak (minute: 3:55).


*original quote (German): Matthias Heiler, GFF-Glas Fenster Fassade (read the article)

glass exhibits by sedak - magnets at the stand

glass exhibits by sedak - magnets at the stand

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