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sedak awards


Our creative innovations, our courage to embrace new designs, our passion for exceptional projects, and equally our employee’s efforts have nationally been rewarded in an outstanding way.

Logo glasstec
glasstec 2010, Düsseldorf (Germany)

innovation award winner

As an example for its engineering performance, sedak presents the first spherically deformed, cold-bent glass: "sedak spherical"
It is based on a lamination process that creates a highly transparent glass laminate - "GlasCobond".
sedak has developed this technique continuously and now offers spherically bent glasses as a new product. sedak spherical stands out due to an especially high transparency, brillance, and reflexion efficiency.

sedak awarded at glasstec 2010
Logo glasstec
glasstec 2008, Düsseldorf (Germany)

innovation award winner

The all-glass bridge consists of a bent glass walkway with two also bent glass balustrades. It has been manufactured from units of cold-bent laminated safety glass with measures of 2m x 7m curved length for the walkway and 1.2m x 7m curved length for the balustrades.

The glass bridge was rewarded with the "Innovationspreis Architektur und Glas"(engl.: Innovation Award Architecture and Glass) at the glasstec 2008.

sedak awarded at glasstec 2008
Logo glasstec
glasstec 2006, Düsseldorf (Germany)

innovation award winner

Complete transparency provides a room with an open and clear atmosphere – the first all-glass stairs in the world, unsupported over 7m.
On 25th October 2006, the glass stairs were rewarded with the “Innovationspreis Architektur und Glas” (engl.: “Innovation Award for Architecture and Glass”) at the glasstec 2006.

sedak awarded at glasstec 2006