Transparency unlimited - sedak produces world’s largest glass in up to 3.51m x 20m in 2018

As the world's leading glass processor, we can supply tempered, laminated, coated, printed, and insulating products in formats of up to 3.2m x 16.5m (126in x 650in). sedak is the perfect blend of advanced automation and flawless craftsmanship.

By expanding its production capabilities, sedak becomes the world’s only manufacturer for glass of that size.

“From year to year, the demand for oversize glass formats rises. Ten years of experience and the continuing good order situation encouraged us to take the next step.” (sedak CEO Bernhard Veh)

The special machines have been ordered. Each of them is tailored to sedak’s special requirements and  developed in close cooperation with the machine manufacturers. Therefore, the glass units can be produced in the quality typical for sedak.

Press release Transparency Unlimited


NEW – adventure “sedak production”

The variety of glass is great. sedak extends this variety continuously and produces spectacular insulating and safety glass. With our new website page “news from sedak’s production” we let you be part of our latest developments. Look over our shoulder when we manufacture amazing glass units for amazing architecture.
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