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sedak clear-edge

innovative finish for open laminate edges

sedak is a premium manufacturer of insulating and safety glass of exceptional quality. The world’s leading glass fabricator produces glass units in dimensions up to 3.51m x 20m: processed, tem-pered, laminated, printed, coated, cold and hot bent.

At BAU 2019, sedak presented its new product, sedak clear-edge, for the first time – an innovative finish for open laminate edges. Almost invisibly, the filigree glazing strip clings to balustrades and structural glass components and impresses with its aesthetically sophisticated appearance.

sedak clear-edge® permanently protects the laminate against weathering, acts as a reliable impact protection and thus enables the fall-proof function of glass balustrades.

Further Information

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BAU press release

The following dates of the presentation of sedak clear-edge:

Glasbau Dresden, 28 - 29 March, 2019

Glaskongress Stuttgart, 03. - 04. April 2019

Facades+ NewYork, 04. - 05. April 2019

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