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Lakhta Center
Lakhta Center, Saint Petersburg

transparency at the highest level

The Lakhta Center, the new landmark in St. Petersburg, is the city‘s freshly built business center that is superlative in all ways. Located in the Lachta district directly on the ocean, it is intended to form the core of a new city center and relieve traffic in the historic old city. The business district offers a high volume of office space, a conference center, centers for science and education, medicine and sport as well as a planetarium, amphitheater, yacht slip and restaurant.

At the heart of the district — and an architectural highlight — is the Lakhta Center and its Lakhta Tower, which at 462 m has seized the crown as Europe‘s tallest building. The building has actually put its owner Gazprom into the Guinness Book of World Records: the foundation of the tower is built from almost 20,000 cm of concrete, which represents the largest unbroken concrete pouring in the world.

The superlatives extend to the glass facades on the two entry buildings at the foot of the tower as well. sedak delivered the load-bearing glass fins that are installed inside, currently the longer fitted glass fins in the world. At the time of production there was no procedure for fabricating glass in that length. As a result a glass joining process was used. To achieve the length of up to 17.2 meters, sedak extended the lamination rack and every last centimeter of the autoclave was utilized. Another special aspect of this project are the glass brackets laminated onto the glass to allow for a flush connection with the facade elements. The numerous drill holes had to be placed exactingly to ensure that the panes would fit perfectly during lamination, a real challenge.

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ZAO Gorproject


Glass fins in the entry buildings:
– 237 3fold laminates
– 58 8fold laminates at 12mm with stainless steel shoes
– 14 7fold laminates
– 17 6fold laminates with brackets at 19mm laminated onto both sides

Entry archway:
– 78 7fold laminates with stainless steel shoes and brackets at 12mm laminated onto both sides