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Glass roof - Aria Hotel, Budapest, Hungary
Aria Hotel, Budapest, Hungary

Insulating glass functional, esthetic, individual

The atrium glass roof at the Arria hotel in Budapest is one-of-a-kind in Europe. The all-glass design made of five insulated laminated curved glass panes, each 8.1m long, forms the roof 4m above the hotel lobby.

No opaque steel structure, fittings or beams interfere with the transparency of the glass. Instead of fittings, curved glass panels have been bonded to the glass beams. They provide the required stability and set up a light and modern design in contrast to the historic architectural style of the hotel.

The glass roof is the largest laminated curved insulated glass unit in Europe. Completion: at the beginning of 2015.


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Total area : 15.9m x 8.1m
Total weight: 14t
Individual components:
5 curved insulated laminated glass panes, each  8.1m x 3.17m
4 glass fins
10 smoke vents


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